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Typical Home Humidifier

Humidity provides comfort, but it also plays a critical role in indoor air quality. Indoor moisture levels can have a dramatic affect on the growth rate of bio-aerosols and creatures such as dust mites. Maintaining a constant recommended relative humidity will help control some of these problem areas year round.

Temperature and relative humidity are two of several parameters that affect thermal comfort. ASHRAE has set standards that present guidelines for human occupation. Relative humidity level below 25% is associated with increased discomfort and drying of the mucous membranes and skin. High humidity can result in condensation and the subsequent development of mold and fungi along with the increase of dust mite propagation.
Ideal indoor relative humidity for winter is 35% and 50% in the summer months. Ranges between 25% - 60% are considered acceptable by ASHRAE standards.
In winter the use of a humidifier can help regulate levels in cold months and in the summer a dehumidifier or air-conditioning system is recommended.
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